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Madhya Pradesh is in debt of Rs 250 million and plans a statue of Rs 200 billion.


Madhya Pradesh is in debt of Rs 250 million and plans a statue of Rs 200 billion.

The statue, called the Oneness Statue, will be 108 feet high and will be installed on a 54-foot platform.

Bhopal:  Madhya Pradesh’s government builds a 108-foot statue of religious leader and philosopher Adi Shankara or Shankara Charya, a project of 2 trillion rupees, and international museums in the state do it in other parts of the world. Announced to connect to. Prime Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan spoke about the project last week at the board of directors of Acharya Shankar Sanskritik Ekta Nyas. Prominent saints and trusted members, including Swami Avedashan and Gili the Maharaj, attended the meeting. Opposition parliament has expressed suspicion about the project and announced that it will not be discussed until funds are allocated to the state budget. The party has also pointed out the huge national debt. Prime Minister

Said the project to build a 108-foot multi-metal statue at the Adi Shankara Museum and the International Vedanta Sansthan in Omkareshwar would connect the state and the world.  The  statue called the

 Oneness Statue will be 108 feet high and will be installed on a 54-foot platform. The statue and  Shankar Museum will be built in a 7.5-hectare area of ​​Mt. Mandata. Glucram is developed over an area of ​​5 hectares across the Narmada River, and Acharya Shanker International Advaita Vedanta Sansthan is developed over an area of ​​10 hectares.

 Chohan said that installing a statue of Shankara Charya in Omkareshwar is a project to bring practical Vedanta to life. “Let’s make this world a family. That’s the goal behind it. The state government will work swiftly to implement Foundation member proposals and finalize the overall action plan,” he said.

  Opposition leader Kamal Nath said it should not be taken seriously. “Once the project is within budget, we’ll discuss it,” he said.

 This bill spending occurs when government debt exceeds the total budget allocation. The state budget is  2.41 rupees, but the total debt is  2.56 rupees. The state’s per capita debt is about 34,000 rupees.

 Congress has requested a white paper on debt. Jitu Patwari, a former minister, and leader of the senior parliament said: Currently, we have decided to provide a loan of 480 billion rupees. The state government needs to issue a financial white paper.

 This announcement is also made after the state witnesses a hail storm due to heavy rain when hundreds of acres of standing rabbi or winter crops are damaged in 18 counties of the state. On Friday night, the video showed a  farmer who fell at the feet of former MLA Mahendra Shinyadab after an extraordinary rain struck crops in the Shivpuri district of Madhya Pradesh. “If there is an irregularity in compensation, I will resign and protest.”

 Madhya Pradesh’s Minister of Agriculture Kamalpatel said officials from the Ministry of Finance and Agriculture will inspect the affected villages. He said 25 percent of the compensation would be paid to the farmers soon.