Former beauty Queen, Miss Wyoming winner 1973 Joyce McKinney being arrested by police after kidnapping Mormon missionary Kirk Anderson from his church, forcing him to be her sex slave for 3 days in 1977.

After the case, McKinney absconded from the United Kingdom and was allowed to reside in the United States with a falsified passport. In 2008 it was learned that she made five clones of her pet pit bull in South Korea, and was subsequently charged with plotting to have a teenager break into a house to raise funds for a prosthetic leg for her horse. In 2016, she sued Errol Morris for making a documentary about her.

Kenyan General Elections,2022

Kenya existed as an amalgamation of many tribal states before its demarcation into boundaries that became Kenya by the British Colonial Company. After the aligning of the new boundaries, the various tribal states were lumped together without their consent or approval into a new and complex territory of communities that were friends or foes.

Various tribes had their political setup, national norms, and customs. With the exception of the Wanga Kingdom of Western Kenya which was held by a king, the majority of tribes had an arrangement where either the Council of elders or chiefs were the head of a community, and the commander in chief of that particular community initiated ceremonies, and not limited to settlement of disputes.

Whoever does not miss the Soviet Union has no heart. Whoever wants it back has no brain-Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin.
No wonder Putin has forgotten these words famously quoted by the former KGB Boss, and current President of the Russian Federation. Himself. The above-mentioned quote and the unfolding of current situations at eastern European fronts are two different things. One of the main remains is that it reflected Putin’s stance on the desire for the reunification of former Soviet territories. To which the entire world would rely and Putin would Play smart and evade any suspicions. Things started immediately after Putin formally noded Chechen sovereignty back in 1999, but secretly plundered Chechenia in one of the worst atrocities ever committed by the very newly incorporated Russian Federation. Chechenia however was stabilized after Grozny and Kremlin agreed to a final peace treaty.