June 16, 2024

Certificate Course on Labour Laws.

Certificate Course on Indian Labour Laws.
Certificate Course on Indian Labour Laws.
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The “Certificate Course on Labour Laws” is a comprehensive program designed to provide participants with a deep understanding of the legal framework governing labour relations in India. The course aims to equip participants with the knowledge and practical insights needed to navigate the complex landscape of labour laws and regulations. Through a combination of theoretical sessions, practical case studies, and guest lectures, participants will gain a holistic perspective on employment relationships, industrial disputes, social security, and compliance.

Course Highlights:

Comprehensive Curriculum: Dive deep into the intricacies of Indian labour laws with our structured and comprehensive curriculum.

Expert Faculty: Learn from seasoned industry professionals and legal experts who bring practical insights to the classroom.

Interactive Learning: Engage in interactive sessions, case studies, and group activities for a dynamic and immersive learning experience.

Real-World Applications: Apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios, ensuring practical understanding and skill development.

Networking Opportunities: Connect with peers, industry leaders, and guest speakers, expanding your professional network and opportunities.

Flexible Schedule: Balance your professional commitments with our flexible schedule of two classes per week, spanning a month.

Certification: Earn a valuable certification upon successful completion, validating your expertise in Indian labour laws.

Course Modules:

Week 1: Introduction to Labor Laws in India, & Employment Contracts and Conditions.

Class 1: Overview of Labor Laws

  • Understanding the historical context
  • Evolution and development of labour laws in India
  • Key legislation and their objectives
  • Constitutional provisions related to labour rights
  • Fundamental rights and directive principles
  • Case studies on landmark judgments

Class 2: Employment Contracts

  • Types of employment contracts
  • Essential components of a valid employment contract
  • Termination and notice periods
  • Working hours and overtime regulations
  • Leave policies and benefits
  • Workplace safety and health regulations

Week 2: Industrial Relations

Class 3: Trade Unions and Collective Bargaining

  • Formation and recognition of trade unions
  • Collective bargaining processes
  • Strikes, lockouts, and dispute resolution mechanisms

Class 4: Industrial Disputes Act

  • Understanding the Industrial Disputes Act, 1947
  • Dispute resolution procedures
  • Case studies on industrial disputes

Week 3: Social Security and Compliance

Class 5: Provident Fund and ESIC

  • Overview of Provident Fund (PF) and Employees’ State Insurance Corporation (ESIC)
  • Compliance requirements and benefits for employees

Class 6: Minimum Wages and Bonus

  • Minimum wages legislation
  • Calculation and payment of bonuses
  • Recent amendments and case studies

Week 4: Practical

Class 7: Hierarchy of Labour Court.

  • Jurisdiction and Power 
  • Role of Labour Courts in resolving disputes 
  • Types of Cases handled by Labour Courts
  • Challenges & Issues

Class 8: Comprehensive Analysis of Court Proceedings

  • Process of Labour Court
  • Preparing plaint 
  • Stages of Cases in Labour Court & Proceedings

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Upon successful completion, receive an E-certificate, Internship opportunity & Letter of Recommendation

Resources and Reading Materials

Explore curated readings and resources to enhance your knowledge of women’s rights issues and legal frameworks.

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