Asghar Mehdi

Marketing head and HR Manager

Faisal khan


Operational Manager

Mr. Khan is an autodidact by heart. He says- I consume everything, I can get my hands on– art, Aristotle’s es, arguments and everything in between; take whatever I write by only a pinch of salt for I write what I see, and what we see is often not what we get. He has been writing on facets of topics and has a sound grasp of world philosophy. The best part about him is – He understands the value of every little thing existing in our atmosphere for a cause.

David Marge lombi

Content Manger

Mr. David is pursuing B.A.LL.B (Hons.) at North-Eastern Hill University, Shillong. Adaptable & Catalyst by nature. Advocating justice for the voiceless. His spirit holds that advocacy for “Civil Liberty” with a true sense of justice enables a “Humane State.” He is confident in his ability to produce. And while he prepares for the worst, he does the work necessary to tilt the odds, that the best will happen.

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