Religion is important in our country only when its relevant under the law, otherwise for all purposes India is a secular country.

The secular state is a concept born from secularity. It means the state or a country is officially neutral in matters of religion. To be clear, it does not mean irreligious. A secular state is where its people can follow their perspective religion, but the country does not officially support or oppose any religion. It is an environment where people can live together irrespective of their caste, religion and culture. the Division Bench of Justice KM Joseph and Justice Hrishikesh Roy said The Constitution of India envisages India as a secular nation and fraternity ensuring the dignity of the individual and the unity and integrity of the country is one of the guiding principles enshrined in the Preamble.


At least 8 people were killed and 10 injured, including children in a terror attack that occurred near a popular market in Jerusalem on Monday night. The attack happened in the Mahane Yehuda market, which is located in the center of the city. The attack was carried out by a Palestinian man who drove a van into a group of people who were gathered at the market.

Dangerous Nuclear Situation in the World

The worst nuclear development in 2022 will be Russia’s thinly veiled threats to deploy nuclear weapons in the Ukraine war. For the time being, warnings and cautionary words have kept such threats quiet, but Russian leaders should firmly reject threats to deploy weapons of mass devastation in Ukraine. Beyond the Ukraine war, historical trends of nuclear arsenal development and modernization continue, with little progress in negotiations with North Korea or Iran over their nuclear programs. New START continues to restrain US and Russian nuclear weapons, but there is no guarantee the deal will be extended beyond 2026.

Misogyny Must Be Recognised As A Hate Crime If It Is To Be Relegated To The Annals Of History

In western societies, sexual harassment and misogyny still exist in a number of ways. Due to anti-discrimination legislation, sexism is now often more subtle and complex and can be harder to detect but it is still there. Education has an important role to play here and both young men and women need to be taught about the history and current state of women’s rights in Britain and other countries around the world.

Laws That Outlaw Homosexuality Are Deemed unjust By Pope Francis.

“Being homosexual is not a crime,” Francis declared in an exclusive interview with The

Associated Press. Francis admitted that some Catholic bishops around the world support laws that criminalize homosexuality or discriminate against LGBTQ persons, and he referred to the matter as a “sin.” However, he linked such attitudes to cultural backgrounds, and he stated that bishops, in particular, must undergo a process of conversion to recognize the dignity of all people.

Sierra Leone Govt Passes Ground-Breaking Law On Women’s Rights

President Julius Maada Bio apologised to women for past mistreatment, saying, “For so long, we haven’t been fair to you.” According to the law, women must hold a minimum of 30% of positions in both the public and private sectors. Women have been “crying” out for this change “for years,” according to the Minister of Gender and Children’s Affairs. Many Tarawalli stated that the measure was significant to women in Sierra Leone and that no other sub-Saharan African nations had approved a similar statute.

Russia And South Africa Bilateral Trade

Russia exported $506 million to South Africa in 2020. Russia’s main exports to South Africa are copper wire ($169 million), wheat ($117 million), and crude petroleum ($42.3 million). Russia’s exports to South Africa have increased at an annualized rate of 11.3% over the last 25 years, from $35.2 million in 1995 to $506 million in 2020. In 2020, Russia exported services to South Africa worth $18.9 million, with transportation ($5.81 million), royalties and license fees ($5.64 million), and other business services ($3.36 million) accounting for the majority of the value. South Africa will export $587 million to Russia in 2020.

Apple Prides itself On Its Privacy; All about Apple’s Privacy

Cupertino puts privacy first in a lot of its products. But the company still gathers a bunch of your information. Over the last decade, Apple has positioned itself as a company that prioritizes privacy. It has clashed with law enforcement over encrypting people’s phones, messages, and FaceTime calls, as well as with Facebook over its creepy ad-tracking practices.