July 10, 2024


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The Second, National Blog Writing Competition

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About The event

Legal Research & Analysis in past has been like debates, Moot courts, Quiz Competition, essays, Call for research paper for our Journal Publication, etc., One of such Highly popular event Blog Writing Competition for Publication on our web platform. To encourage the Young minds and rational psyches, Legal Research& Analysis Profoundly announces the second edition of the National Blog Writing Competition, The Interested person may apply directly by submitting their entries with Proper Names, Titles, Institution names, and Address. Or Can Submit this short google form https://forms.gle/6S7uNYJoftp2yB8F9 

with an attached receipt of Thirty Rupees Processing Fee (NON-REFUNDABLE).


The article must be related to socio-legal, societal, environmental impact, or any other topic related to law. The author has been given liberty to apply its logical interpretation while deducing their research analysis which may fall within the ambit of the given theme.



for Submissions from the Students, Academicians, Professionals, and Legal Practitioners are accepted.


The authors are requested to send their article @legalresearchanalyst2020[at]gmail.com with the subject “Submission for Blog writing competition” Submission Guidelines 

▪ The Article should be in MS Word format or Pdf format.

▪ The length of the Blog must fall within (1000-1500) words.

▪ The title of the article must be

appropriate establishing a rational nexus.

▪ The Article shall be original and unpublished.

▪ The submission should not be plagiarized,

and free from grammatical, spelling, and

other errors.

▪ Full names of all the author(s) along with

the phone number and email ID must be


▪ Any uniform method for citation may be


▪ The content of the Article shall be in

Times New Roman, font size 12, 1.5 line

spacing. Footnotes should be in Times

New Roman, size 10 single line spacing.

▪ Page borders shall not be used.

Dead Line–

July 30th, 2021


The screening committee shall look into

the matter and thereby all articles

fulfilling the abovementioned

submission guidelines shall be published

on our website for a wide purview.

Fee And Payment

You are requested to pay a sum of thirty-two Rupees[Non-Refundable]. At the following Contact Number 8250753838, you can opt UPI payments or Paypal with the same number. This fee charge is applicable for every participant and is compulsory, denial of the same would amount to withdrawal from the event by your own consent. We Charge very little not for our profit but for the NGOs run by Legal Research & Analysis. Our sole motto is to serve humanity at all times. I hope this would be very reasonable for you.

Name- Legal Research & Analysis

Bank- State Bank of India

A/c no.- 3306201000490

IFSC Code- CNRB0002336


Will be announced on the 15th of August, 2021 in the opportunities section of this website.*