Neerja Bhanot: The Hero Of Pan Am Flight 73.

Neerja Bhanot was a 22-year-old Indian flight attendant working on Pan Am Flight 73 when it was hijacked by terrorists during a layover in 1986.

The terrorists quickly executed an Indian-American passenger and threw his body out of the plane. They then instructed Bhanot to collect all the passports of the passengers onboard so they could properly identify other Americans. Bhanot instead hid the passports of the 43 other Americans onboard, hiding some under seats and throwing some others in the trash.

December 16, The Black day for Pakistan!

Two major draconian events took place on the same day, past in history. One was the secession of East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) back in 1971 while the second was a Terrorist attack on Army Public School Peshawar in 2014. Pakistan lost the 1971 war as well as its East Pakistan with the loss of many lives (civilians as well as military men) on the other hand in the 2014 attack there were almost 150 people killed (about 132 were children).

Both of the events mentioned above have some similarities as, both related to humanity and morality as a whole. both have internal as well as external factors involved therein.