DeepMind, Alphabet Inc.’s artificial intelligence subsidiary, has developed a new AI system called Adaptive Agent (AdA) that can solve tasks it has never seen before as quickly and accurately as humans, according to NewScientist.This innovation represents a significant advancement in AI technology development because traditional AI systems could only solve problems that they had been trained to solve. In contrast, AdA can move, plan, and manipulate objects in a 3D virtual world.


The Union Government has approved a Rs 19,744 crore National Green Hydrogen Mission to turn India into a “global hub” for using, producing, and exporting green hydrogen.

It is a program designed to encourage the commercial production of green hydrogen and turn India into a net exporter of fuel. The Mission will make it easier to create demand for, produce, use, and export Green Hydrogen.

Indian Military Bases Outside of India

In today’s world of rapid globalization, the establishment of overseas military bases is an excellent advantage to the Government in their pursuit of achieving their military, trade, and political objectives in exchange for peace, support, or additional protection.

Military bases serve many purposes, they work as command centers, provide shelter and accommodation to a unit of the defense force, conducting international operations like combined training exercises and drills. India has several military bases around the world as a part of its military strategy.

Neerja Bhanot: The Hero Of Pan Am Flight 73.

Neerja Bhanot was a 22-year-old Indian flight attendant working on Pan Am Flight 73 when it was hijacked by terrorists during a layover in 1986.

The terrorists quickly executed an Indian-American passenger and threw his body out of the plane. They then instructed Bhanot to collect all the passports of the passengers onboard so they could properly identify other Americans. Bhanot instead hid the passports of the 43 other Americans onboard, hiding some under seats and throwing some others in the trash.


There exists no precise definition of Climate so it is always described in relation to the place. Every place has its

own typical climate, as in, some places are covered in snow eternally and some are hot, dry, and arid. Climate

also varies with the season. However, climate change refers to a significant change in the usual climate of a

certain place in the sense of a change in the annual precipitation or the change in temperature or humidity, etc.

Due to the factors, some natural like the reduction of distance between the sun and the earth or some human

errors like emitting greenhouse gases, the temperature would soar thus melting the icebergs, rising sea level,

etc. While aiming for the Zero target is surreal, the Net-zero target is a trade-off. Net-zero does not actually cut

down on the emissions but tries to countervail the carbon emissions by carbon credits or sequestration or

methods like large-scale use of hydrogen and de-carbonization of electricity.